If you plan on visiting Frenchmen Street and want the inside scoop on the best things to do and see while you are here, consider a personalized Itinerary assembled by our group of tastemakers who know all the ins and outs of what the Frenchmen Street area has to offer.
When are the best bands playing and where? Where can you find burlesque shows, comedy performances, or late night underground dance parties? What are the best restaurants? Where can I get the best brunch? Who has the best late night food?


We will send you a list covering all the bases of events and shows happening and bands playing at 15+ clubs on Frenchmen Street, complete with Youtube videos so you can decide on the bands you want to check out during your stay.
We will also send you a list of restaurants, menus, suggestions, and inside information and ideas on great things to do in the area you might not have ever discovered on your own.


• 4 day Itinerary – $20
• 7 day Itinerary – $35
• 10 day Itinerary – $50
• 14 day Itinerary – $65

Get your itinerary now!

Events and Things To Do on Frenchmen Street Live Music on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans