Live music starts early on Frenchmen. Most of the best clubs are open by 4pm every day and 1pm on the weekends. For the afternoon shows you will find mostly jazz and blues.

CLUBS: The Maison, Bamboulas, 30/90, 3 Muses, Spotted Cat, Vaso, BMC, Apple Barrel, Rare Form.

Dinner Shows

There are several clubs on the street that have live music in the dining room so you can listen while you dine. The music is a mostly jazz and blues.

DINNER CLUBS: The Maison, Bamboulas, 30/90, Vaso, Rare Form, 3 Muses, Dragon’s Den.

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Late Night Live Music

By the time it gets dark and the night rolls around all of the clubs will be open. The music tends to get a little louder and funkier the later it gets. You can still find jazz but most of the clubs will have livelier funk and brass ensembles that inspire the dancing crowd.

Djs And Dancing

 If you want to take a break from the live music, on weekends there are several clubs that feature DJs and a more night club vibe for dancing after 10pm.

NIGHT CLUBS: The Maison (upstairs room), 30/90 (upstairs room), Dragon’s Den.

Clubs with balconies

 There are several clubs on the street with public balconies that are open on weekends: Dat Dog, 30/90, Blue Nile, Dragon’s Den. Bamboulas and Dragon’s Den are available for private rental.

Clubs with courtyards

Dragon’s Den, Rare Form, and 30/90 all feature outdoor seating.