It will be some time before the open celebratory atmosphere of Frenchmen Street can return to normal. Bar and club hopping, packed dance floors, and large crowds mingling and moving about are just not responsible or safe. If there is a chance for Frenchmen Street to exist in this new world businesses will have to adopt new procedures for making safety a priority. 

Over the coming months IF restrictions are eased and businesses are permitted to open we will be offering experiences and packages for Frenchmen Street businesses that can be purchased in advance online. These exclusive experiences will prioritize safety, and will include socially distanced sections, tables, and areas, as well as food and drink packages that limit interaction with staff.   



The Royal Frenchmen Hotel offers several different outdoor sections for their open air live music shows. 


The Dragon’s Den offers private balcony, private room, and courtyard sections for all their upcoming events. 


The Maison offers several different dinner packages with private sections for their evening jazz shows on 3 different floors for maximum social distance.