Ashton Hines and the Big Easy Brawlers

Ashton Hines -The Big Easy Brawlers, the band without a genre, was started by leader Lord Ashton “RedBull” Hines. Ashton is a young trumpet player who also plays drums. Ashton has played in and lead many of New Orleans young brass bands and has played in a host of traditional brass bands and New Orleans funk bands. Now his goal is to step out on his own and do something new that takes all he’s learned over the years from brass band, marching band,church, jazz, gospel, hip hop and all other genres of music and mix it all up into a big gumbo pot of musical joy. Even though Ashton has only been playing trumpet for a couple of years he’s ready and he’s looking forward to the years to come with The Big Easy Brawlers.Check him out and be sure to let him know what you think. He loves feedback and criticism but we know and guarantee you will love Lord Ashton Hines & The Big Easy Bralwers.

Joshua Benitez- Former leader of A New Light Joshua is now the guitar player for the Big Easy Brawlers. Like Ashton he is well versed in multiple instruments such as piano and bass. With moderate experience on drums and percussion as well as trumpet. Also like Ashton, Joshua seeks to break out of the original confines of his music background, which before the Big Easy Brawlers was primarily anything with the suffix of rock or metal. Punk- Rock, Hard Rock, Surf Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, or just Metal Metal. Joshua Benitez played it. Now armed with a host of New Orleans Funk roots, such as the Meters and direction from Ashton Hines Joshua Benitez adds a power house of shredding and funky finesse to the over all sonic perfection of the Big Easy Brawlers.