Loud, funky and in your face, the Brass-a-holics are a pure scream of irrepressible NOLA-style joy. Delivering intoxicating melodies backed up by impeccable musical credentials, this octet of young jazz talents is based around the core of a traditional New Orleans brass elements (trombone, sousaphone, trumpet and sax) but also mixes in keyboards, electric guitar and a full percussion section for an experience that must be seen to be believed. The unique styles of each Brass-a-holic combine to create a musical melange which draws influences equally from John Coltrane and Cyndi Lauper, Louis Armstrong and Kanye West. No matter who they’re riffing on at the moment, there’s no denying that this band has swag. Catch them at Maison on Frenchmen, uptown at the Publiq House and top-notch stages in between.