Jesse Smith Project

With a world full of music that doesn’t give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you listen, it is hard to find a group that brings as much energy to the stage as the Jesse Smith Project. With a deep heart rooted in the blues tradition the JSP explores all avenues of influence including jazz, funk, gospel, and World music. The term “project” is not used to describe a group that is under construction, but rather an open experiment in which anything is possible. Every member of the band adds their own ingredients to make the JSP’s saucy soul-driven sound. From the funky beats of AJ Hall to the haunting licks of Jesse Smith, you may find yourself falling in love with a sound that you have never heard before.

Based in north Florida, the JSP has been performing in the southeast region for the past four years. The members met at the esteemed College of Music at Florida State Univerisity while studying various musical traditions. Here they honed in on their personal voice and grew within the family of the band. Tired of the musical decline of modern pop radio the members joined together to make something more; something worth listening to.

A recent focus of the Motown years led to a joint collaboration with the JSP and past Motown recording artists George Clinton and Rickenstein. “I believe they just graduated from Dr. Funkenstein’s School of Funk”, says George Clinton after performing with the JSP. With the many avenues available, the Jesse Smith Project is open to explore with the integrity to make music that means something.