Live Music Calendar

October 25, 2012


5:00 pm                Erin Demastes Quartet     The Maison

5:00 pm                The Hubcap Kings     BMC

6:00 pm               Miss Sophie Lee         Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                The Session     The Maison

7:00 pm                Micah Mckee & Little Maker     Blue Nile

7:00 pm                Domenic    Checkpoint Charlie’s

8:00 pm                Ike Stubblefield B3 Trio with Herlin Riley & Grant Green Jr.     Snug Harbor

8:00 pm                Truman Holland & The Back Porch Review     BMC

8:00 pm                Chapel Blues  Apple Barrel

9:00 pm                Soul Project     Cafe Negril

10:00 pm              The Big Fun Brass Band     The Maison

10:00 pm              Bayou International Reggae Night with DJ Troy     Blue Nile

10:00 pm              Jumbo Shrimp    Spotted Cat

11:00 pm              90′s Night     Blue Nile Balcony Room

11:00 pm              The Upstarts     BMC

11:00 pm               ZuhG        Checkpoint Charlie’s

1:00 am                DJ Real & Black Pearl     Blue Nile Balcony Room

2:00 am                Ike Stubblefield & Friends feat/ Col. Bruce Hampton, June Yamagishi & more     Blue Nile


October 26, 2012


3:00 pm                Chapel Blues     BMC

4:00 pm                Andy Forest    Spotted Cat

4:00 pm                Nervous Duane  Checkpoint Charlie’s

5:00 pm                Those Peaches     The Maison

6:00 pm                The Comebacks     BMC

6:00 pm                Washboard Chaz Blues Trio    Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                Emily Estrella & The Faux Barrio Billionaires     The Maison

7:00 pm                Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers     Blue Nile

7:00 pm                El DeOrazio & Friends           Cafe Negril

7:00 pm                Michael Hebert & Miss NOLA     Checkpoint Charlie’s

8:00 pm                Leah Chase with The Michael Pellera Quartet     Snug Harbor

9:00 pm                The Dana Abbott Band     BMC

10:00 pm              BRASS-A-HOLICS     The Maison

10:00 pm              Flow Tribe     Blue Nile Balcony Room

10:00 pm              Cottonmouth Kings    Spotted Cat

10:00 pm              Woodenhead       Checkpoint Charlie’s

11:00 pm              Soul Rebels     Blue Nile

12:00 am             DEBAUCHE     The Maison

2:00 am                Toubab Krewe     Blue Nile


October 27, 2012


12:00 pm              Showarama Hot Jazz Trio    Spotted Cat

3:00 pm                The Hubcap Kings     BMC

3:00 pm                Meghan Stewart & The Reboppers    Spotted Cat

4:00 pm                Cajun Fais Do-Do with T’Canaille      The Maison

5:00 pm                Blue Trees      Checkpoint Charlie’s

6:00 pm                Soul Project     BMC

6:00 pm                Panorama Jazz Band   Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                The Smoking Time Jazz Club     The Maison

7:00 pm                Washboard Chaz Blues Trio     Blue Nile

7:00 pm                Jamey St. Pierre & The Honeycreepers    Cafe Negril

8:00 pm                Cheick Hamala Diabate     Snug Harbor

9:00 pm                The Upstarts     BMC

9:00 pm                We R 138 + The Unnaturals + Opposite Box   Checkpoint Charlie’s

10:00 pm              The Ballers’ Ball ft. Mannie Fresh with EARPHUNK, The Hood Internet, Nicky Da B & DJ Lemonhead     The Maison

10:00 pm              Mike Dillon Band     Blue Nile Balcony Room

10:00 pm              Soul Project          Cafe Negril

10:00 pm               Dominick Grillo & The Frenchmen St. Allstars   Spotted Cat

11:00 pm              Big Sam’s Funky Nation     Blue Nile

11:00 pm              Street Legends Brass Band     BMC


October 28, 2012


12:0o pm               Showarama Hot Jazz Trio     Spotted Cat

3:00 pm                Eudora Evans & Deep Soul     BMC

3:00 pm                Rights of Swing       Spotted Cat

3:30 pm                Bottoms Up Blues Gang     Checkpoint Charlie’s

4:00 pm                The Nickel-A-Dance     The Maison

6:00 pm                Faux Barrio Billionaires      BMC

6:00 pm                 Ben Polcer & The Grinders   Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                Brad Walker     The Maison

7:00 pm                John Lisi & Delta Funk   Cafe Negril

8:00 pm                Mykia Jovan     Blue Nile

8:00 pm                Rick Trolsen & Nestlort     Snug Harbor

8:00 pm                Acoustic Open Mic with Jim Smith   Checkpoint Charlie’s

9:00 pm                Andy J Forest     BMC

10:00 pm             Kidnap Orchestra     The Maison

10:00 pm              Toubab Krewe & Friends     Blue Nile

10:00 pm              Pat Casey & The New Sounds   Spotted Cat

10:30 pm              Margie Perez          Apple Barrel

11:00 pm              The Big Easy Brawlers      BMC


October 29, 2012


4:00 pm               Sarah McCoy    Spotted Cat

5:00 pm                Chicken & Waffles     The Maison

6:00 pm                Lil’ Red & Big Bad     BMC

6:00 pm                Dominick Grillo & The Frenhcmen St. Allstars   Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses     The Maison

8:00 pm                Charmaine Neville Band     Snug Harbor

8:00 pm                Sam Cammarata       Apple Barrel

9:30 pm                 The Original New Orleans Super Jam     The Maison

9:30 pm                Smoky Greenwell’s Blues Jam     BMC

9:30 pm                The New Orleans Super Jam      The Maison

10:00 pm              Stooges Brass Band      d.b.a.

10:00 pm              Jazz Vipers       Spotted Cat

10:00 pm               Voodoo Town      Checkpoint Charlie’s


October 30, 2012


4:00 pm                Andy Forest      Spotted Cat

5:00 pm                Carolyn Broussard & The Scotch Hounds     BMC

6:00pm                 Gregory Agid Quartet     The Maison

6:00 pm                Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns  Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                Jimmy Howell   Checkpoint Charlie’s

8:00 pm                David Torkanowsky Trio

8:00 pm                Eudora Evans & Deep Soul     BMC

9:00pm                 Magnitude     The Maison

9:00 pm                Treme Brass Band     d.b.a.

9:00 pm                 John Lisi & Delta Funk    Cafe Negril

9:00 pm                Bones + Chinese Drywall Band + Saint James   Checkpoint Charlie’s

10:00 pm              Open Ears Music Series     Blue Nile Balcony Room

10:00 pm              Smokin’ Times Jazz Club     Spotted Cat

11:00 pm              Street Legends Brass Band     BMC

2:00 am                Toubab Krewe     Blue Nile


October 31, 2012


12:00 pm              Forest & Sweetwater Duo   Spotted Cat

3:00 pm               Mark Monistere & The Crescent City Masters   Spotted Cat

5:00 pm                The Business      BMC

6:00 pm                The Shotgun Jazz Band     The Maison

6:00 pm                The Orleans 6         Spotted Cat

7:00 pm                 The Gold Magnolias      Checkpoint Charlie’s

7:30 pm                Sam Cammarata & Dominick Grillo   Cafe Negril

8:00 pm                Blues-4-Sale     BMC

8:00 pm                Soundman Presents     Blue Nile

9:30                        Another Day In Paradise        Cafe Negril

10:00pm              Dirty Bourbon River Show, Big History, Sissy Nobby, DJ Jubilee & DJ Jive     The Maison

10:00 pm              Gravity A     Blue Nile

10:00 pm              Walter Wolfman Washington & The Roadmasters     d.b.a.

10:00 pm              St. Louis Slim & The Frenchmen St. Jug Band    Spotted Cat

11:00 pm               The Parishioners     Checkpoint Charlie’s