Mona’s Cafe & Deli


Mona’ Special 16.99 – (enough for two) Hummus, baba ganuj, grape leaves, tabouli, falafel, kibby and lebna
Hummus Dip 5.99
Baba Gaunj Dip 5.99
Musabaha 5.99 – A mixture of whole cooked chick peas & hummus with hot pepper and garlic
Foul 5.50 – Mashed fava beans mixed with garlic, hot pepper, lemon, and olive oil
Qudsia 5.50 – Mixed hummus and foul
Lebna 5.50 – Thick yogurt mixture with mild sumac and olive oil
Fried Kibby 5.99 – Kibby leaves made with cracked wheat, ground beef crust, stuffed with spiced ground lamb, onions and pine nuts
Stuffed Grape Leaves (6 rolls) 5.99 – Your choice of meat or veggies
Pickles and Olives 2.99
Feta Cheese Olives 3.99
Spinach Pie 3.50 – Stuffed triangle pie with fresh spinach, shredded onions, oregano, sumack spice
Meat Pie 2.99 – Stuffed with ground beef, onions and spices
Zater Bread 2.50 – Ground thyme, oregano, sesame seeds and sumack mixed with olive oil and baked on a pita
Fried Cheese 6.99 – Fried Haloumi cheese in olive oil, mint and garlic
Safeiha (mini pizza) 3.50 – Ground lamb and beef, tomatoes, parsley, onion and spices baked on a pita
For Cheese Pizza 3.50 – Kessarie, string, feta and Arabic cheeses
Falafel (6) 4.50 – Fried ground chick peas patties with spices, onions and parsley
Basmati Rice with Saffron 3.99
French Fries 2.59
Garish 5.99 – Feta, tomatoes, pickles, olives and cucumbers

Soup & Salad
Veggie Soup 3.99
Red Lentil Soup 4.50
Greek Salad 6.99 – Green salad with feta cheese and black olives
Arabic Salad 5.99 – Fresh cut tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, green onions and parsley
Green Salad 5.69 – Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley
Fatouche 5.69 – Green salad with olives, cucumbers, parsley and pita chips
Tabouli 5.99 – Fresh fine chopped parsley, cracked wheat, green olives, tomatoes and lemons
Yogurt Salad with Cucumber 5.69 – Fresh yogurt , chopped cucumbers and crushed meat
Grilled Chicken Salad 8.99 – Green Salad topped with your choce of marinated chicken breast, gyro, shawerma, shrimp or shish kebab
Add Shrimp 1.00

Veggie Platters
*Falafel Plate 10.99 – Fried gournd chick peas patties with spices, onions and parsley
Vegtarian Plate 11.69 – Humus, baba ganu, tabluli and falafel
*Veggie Grape Leaves Plate 11.99 – Stuffed wtih carrots, parsley, dill, onions and rice
Sauteed Vegetables Plate 11.99 – Sauteed vegetables over basmati rice topped with feta
(add choice of meat for $3.50)

All dinners are served with salad, humus and pita bread (white or whole wheat)
Half and Half 14.50 – Pick andy two of chicken shawarma, beef shawarma or gyro
Shawarma 12.50 – Your choice of chicken or beef
Chicken Lula 12.50 – Fresh ground chicken marinated with herbs and spices
Chicken Tecka 14.50 – Grilled half-chicken with bones
Chicken Kebab 13.50 – Boneless chicken marinated with herbs and spices
Shish Kebab 14.50 – Your choice of charbroiled lamb or beef
Lula Kebab 13.50 – Fresh ground lamb and beef meat mixed with parsley, garlic, herbs and spices
Combination Kebab shish, lula dn chicken 16.99
Gyro Plate 13.50 – Spiced lamb and beef with tahini sauce
Lamb Chops (4 pieces) 21.50 – Fresh lamb chops marinated with olive oil, herbs and spices
Fried Kibby 11.69 – Two Kibby loaves made with cracked wheat, ground beef crush, stuffed with spiced ground lamb, onions and pine nuts
Hummus with Lamb 14.50 – Small chunks of lamb surteed with spices andolive oil. Served in center of humus plate
Shrimp Plate 13.50 – Sauteed shrimp with veggies
Catfish Plate 13.50 – Catfish fillets with our special blend of seasonings
Meat Grape Leaves Plate 12.50 – Stuffed with rice, ground beef, lamb and parsley
Kallaya 14.99 – Sauteed fresh tomatoes with garlic, mint and spices, served with chicken or beef (available in Veggie)

Falafel 5.50
Gyros 5.99
Lula Kebab (chicken or lamb) 6.50
Shish Kebab (beef or lamb) 6.50
Chicken Kebab 6.50
Chicken Shawarma 6.50
Beef Shawarma 6.50
Eggplant Sandwich 8.50 – Served on sesame seed bun with tomatoes, lettuce, onion and feta cheese
Sauteed Veggie Sandwich 7.50

Baklava 2.50 – Layers of phyllo dough with walnuts and honey
Nammura 2.50 – Semolina, almond, rosewater and honey