Moonshine and Caroline

Once upon a time, an old fashioned Memphis girl named Caroline visited New Orleans from the wintry Chicagoland. She took off her heavy coat, and listened to the music. She saw the colors. She smelled the smells. She ate the food. She even bought a hat! Before she knew it, she was in love with New Orleans. She went back to Chicago and thought, “How on earth can I move to New Orleans? What would I do there?…I know! I’ll go to grad school for social work!” “HA!” said Life. “You will go there to SING, silly!” And after much ado, she finally did. She moved to New Orleans in July of 2010. Once there, she met many talented young fellahs out of Loyola and UNO who were looking to play some jazz. She found a club, and invited them to play. Moonshine and Caroline was born! Since then, they have played in clubs both naughty and nice throughout the New Orleans area and have expanded to weddings and even a crawfish boil or two. Their next goal: the moon itself!!!