New Orleans Jazz Vipers

New_Orleans_Jazz_VipersThe New Orleans Jazz Vipers are a six-piece swing band playing for enthusiastic audiences and top-notch dancers in New Orleans and all over the world! The band’s repertoire comes from the likes of Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Dicky Wells, Benny Carter, and Count Basie, including well-known favorites and more obscure treasures.

Part of the unique sound of the Jazz Vipers comes from the fact that they rarely use any amplification, and they are part of a growing number of bands on Frenchmen Street who trust that the audience will quiet down enough to hear and enjoy the music. When necessary, mics are used and set-up is minimal. The sound of the band is at the same time retro, full of energy, and unpretentious, with both up-tempo dance numbers and well-chosen ballads; it has been aptly described as neo-trad-jazz. The Vipers are popular with swing dancers and the music appeals to audiences of all ages.

In 2009, The original Jazz Vipers split into two separate bands. You can now find both the New Orleans Jazz Vipers and the fantastic swingin’ band The New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings playing on Frenchmen Street and beyond! Now, the new line-up of the Jazz Vipers is continuing the tradition of playing hot swing music for audiences everywhere to enjoy!