The moment Danielle Ryce and Nic Lefebvre met, fireworks filled the bluetiful, sunny sky, rainbows danced like a banner tickled by an overbearing wind, and children everywhere laughed, sang, and rejoiced. A new dawn had begun its ascent, one in which all the world’s nightmares would turn to dreams, all the world’s dreams to realities, and the world’s realities would turn to the imaginary world of infinite possibilities. This introduction was no less than absolutely equivalent the sum of when Starsky met Hutch, Yin met Yang, Mr. Cosby met Mrs. Cosby, Mary met Gabriel, Simon met Garfunkel, Santa met Rudolf, Wanda met Cosmo. This duo of perfection soon realized their common denominator; a nauseatingly passionate yet charming obsession with sound. They create sound that is devastating yet inspirational…Anything and Everything and Nothing that a human is capable of wishing to hear.One can gather that an attempt to describe their music produced by this duo and their companions, no matter how reverent, adoring, and accurate the description may be, is the under-most-statement ever. Rather than make that inevitably feeble attempt, I will just recommend that you listen and hear for yourself, though be warned that no worldly microphone can capture the awesomeness of this sound. Catch us in real life!

Posted by Nyce on Sunday, June 7, 2015