Old U.S. Mint

Day or night, you can hear great music by renowned contemporary musicians, such as Jimmy Robinson, the Iguanas, Evan Christopher, Davell Crawford, Donald Harrison, Lynn Drury and many more in the Old U.S. Mint Performing Arts Center. Music at the Mint provides programs, services and resources for music aficionados, musicologists, musicians and anyone who simply loves great music.

Though its state-of-the-art concert space provides pristine sound, the Old U.S. Mint is more than an entertainment venue. It’s also a place for musical documentation, with ongoing digitization efforts underway to safeguard historical recordings. It preserves the tangible hallmarks of music such as posters, paintings, sheet music and memorabilia. Performing musicians also give on-site interviews, adding modern voices to the historical archives.

400 Esplanade Ave

(504) 568 6993

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00am-4:30pm