Rue Fiya

Officially formed in April 2010, Rue Fiya is composed of exceptional musicians — pianist Jason Butler, guitarist Seizo Shibayama, bassists Jerry “J Blakk” Henderson & J. Hawkins, drummer Reginald Nicholas Jr., trombonist Jeremy Phipps, saxophonist Natasha Harris and vocalist Zena Moses. Through trialsand tribulations, Zena Moses has evolved into the vocal artist she is today. Zena Moses & Rue Fiya’s wide range and unrestraint for creativity is a virtue, highly felt through out their performances, showing New Orleans’ natural rawness. With Zena’s soulful ballets to swoon you, funky dance music to make your body move and her presence in keeping the audience excited, Zena Moses has no problem captivating the crowd with her emotions. Her versatility is so unmatched and unbelievable it can’t be categorized. She has performed with bands Abney Effect, Soul Project, Charmaine Neville and Friends, The Lady Killers and her own band Rue Fiya. Also in her career she had the pleasure in working with her father Reggie Houston and his band Box of Chocolates.

A fusion of alternative, jazz, reggae, funk, soul, hip-hop and everything else in between, Zena Moses & Rue Fiya is a reminder that raw New Orleans music is not dead. You can catch them at the Monday Night Superjam every week at the Maison on Frenchmen!