The Honeypots

The Honeypots blend the sweet harmonies and sophisticated vocal stylings of Lynn Drury, Margie Perez, and Monica McIntyre. These three songwriters collaborate to make fresh new spins on traditional standards and original compositions that show off their thoughtful musicality. Their energetic performances are sure to leave the audience with tapping toes and big smiles as they wind their way through the New Orleans music scene.

Combining a Mississippi twang with an undercurrent of undeniable New Orleans funk, Lynn Drury is a top-notch performer with the power to transport listeners to another time and place. “…handling an acoustic guitar as passionately and deftly as she rides her horses, this funky, soulful Americana gem from New Orleans is perfect road music for the soul.” — Cincinnati City Beat.

Margie Perez is a bright and versatile songbird who Offbeat magazine has called “one of the hardest working musicians in New Orleans.” She leads her own funky band and sings with many acts including the New Orleans Nightengales, Ensemble Fatien, Moyuba, and the Ibervillians.

Monica McIntyre slaps, plucks and strums her cello to the beat of a different drummer, wowing audiences far and wide with her deep voice and impressive string techniques. Blending blues, soul, jazz, reggae and Middle Eastern styles, she’s a powerhouse of technical accomplishment and diverse musical stylings.

No matter which Honeypot you’re in the crowd to see, you won’t be disappointed in this trio of songbirds. Catch them at bars across the city including Buffa’s and Chickie Wah Wah, or right here on the world-famous Frenchmen Street.