Yuki Izakaya

Japanese bar food & sake come in an intimate space with eclectic art on the walls & funky music.


Sauteed Mushrooms $6.00 – a variety of mushrooms with soy and sake
Beef and Lemon Grass Salsa $7.00 – with shrimp chips
Clams with Sake Butter $9.00
Hampen with Lemon Butter $5.00 – traditional japanese fish cake made with white fish and yam
Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings $6.00

Miso Soup with Tofu $4.00
Miso Soup with Salmon $6.00
Pork and Vegetable Curry $7.00 – traditional, japanese curry served with rice
Kitsune Udon $9.00 – udon noodle soup w/fried tofu-an osaka speciality
Tanuki Udon $8.00 – udon noodle soup w/tempura vegetable pencake

Edamame $4.00
Seaweed Sala $5.00
Cold Tofu $5.00 – with ginger scallion and bonito fakes
Wasabi Shumai $6.00 – w/ pork filling
Onigiri $5.00 – rice balls with urne salted plum

Yakitori 2 Skewers Grilled Chicken $5.00 – morno dark meat or kawa skin
Grilled Shitake Kushi $6.00 – 2 skewers shitake kushi
Hokke Fish $11.00 – grilled sun-dried fish dish of the hokkaido region/perfect accompaniment w/ sake or beer
Grilled Yellowtail Neck $11.00
Grilled Eel $10.00 – on skewer

Sashimi Moriawase $12.00 – tuna, salmon and yellowtail sashimi
Yellowtail Sashimi $15.00
Tuna Sashimi $12.00
Salmon Sashimi $12.00
Spicy Tuna Tataki $12.00 – seared tuna with spicy pepper crust